Along with channels, the other mainstay of IRC life is a network’s users.

Nickserv is one of the primary Services aliases, and is in control of nicknames, which correspond to users.

Every channel, be it great or small, is composed of users. Each user selects a nickname (or their own name!) to be known by. This username can be (and should be) registered with nickserv.


/msg nickserv register password email@address
Follow the instructions provided by NickServ. You’ll need to check your e-mail for a verification code. Don’t forget your password! We can recover it if you forget it – but you can do just about anything we can do (and faster) using the nickserv commands.

Login (identify) your nick whenever you connect to IRC:

/msg nickserv identify password
Many IRC programs have a place to put your nickserv password so you can automatically login.

Additional Nickserv Features

Nickserv has many other features, ranging from nick grouping, joining channels automatically, recovery, and many other settings. See our IRC Commands and Documentation page for references, and complete lists of all the commands supported by this network.