The Reformed Chat Network

We’re Just Here To Chat

Reformed folks love to talk. This is a place for you to do so. If the current channels aren’t your speed, make your own, and invite your friends.

Ease of Use

We run up-to-date IRCds, with modern services, on modern servers. IRC may be old tech – but it’s incredibly stable. Don’t worry about setting up anything complicated. Just chat. That’s what it’s here for.

RefChat is just what it says – Reformed Chat. No more, no less.


We offer web-based solutions for connecting to our chat servers.


Everyone loves enhanced functionality.


We suggest using Matrix for your mobile needs.



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Our Team


Gill Server Administrator

Reformed Baptist, subscribes to the 1689 LBCF, youth minister at Perkinston Baptist Church (a member church of the Southern Baptist Convention). Husband to Bethany, Father of 8, and perpetual student of theology. Other interests include science fiction and fantasy, gaming (especially space combat simulators), and technology of all sorts.


Owen Server Administrator

Presbyterian, coder, flippin’ sweet with nunchuks.