Phase 2.0

Pleroma rollout and integrationPleroma rollout and integration

Big social media corporations own your posts, your content – and control your access to eyeballs. What if it didn’t have to be that way? Federated social media is done on a distributed network, so nobody has ownership.

Facebook, Twitter, and Discord are all centralized platforms. They own what you post there – and control whether you can. Federation breaks it up into a distributed network (what is actually happening on a major web service anyway), but end-user visible, and more locally managed.

If you don’t get ahead of the curve by moving toward decentralization, you’re at the mercy of the whims of centralized platforms; they aren’t your friend. That is one big reason we’re committed to private server-based chat, as well as federated voice and social media deployment.

Server is currently active, but only accepting community alpha testers at this time.

Matrix ImprovementsMatrix Improvements

We’re currently bridging traffic via Matrix in a Bridgebot format. Our goal is to have double-puppeting implemented, which provides a virtually seamless experience, no matter the client – you always show up as “you”.

Secondly, we’d like to ensure a solid voice experience for Matrix users – on par with the functionality of Discord, and possibly bridged with it, as well.

Network Statistics

On previous servers, we’d become accustomed to keeping track of our chatting – a variety of metrics and factoids were compiled, and tabulated for viewing. We’d like to implement a modernized system for that here, as well.