The RefChat IRC network was brought online August, 2019, to serve the IRC channels previously hosted on the GenevaIRC network. It is currently administered by brigand and RazorsKiss.

This network is completely independent, and is “owned” by the administrators, who manage it for the various communities hosted therein. Your data is safe here. The databases are encrypted, and your user information is in that database. We offer this service as-is, and make no guarantees of uptime or speed.

Our Matrix server is a work in progress, facilitating federated access to other Matrix rooms and servers – but primarily bridging communication to and from both IRC and Discord. Matrix is also a standalone service.

Discord bridging to certain channels is done as a courtesy, and we have no control over Discord’s policies or procedures.

In the unfortunate event of an issue regarding the enforcement of server policies, we encourage you to use the contact form.