Matrix Bridge & Server

To Connect

Click here to join our Network landing room with your client of choice! The Riot web app can handle any exploration you want to do, if you want to test the waters first.

Made For Matrix

Matrix is an open source, modern, federated chat and voice client with a full range of encryption features; A federation model allows interoperability and interconnectivity across a range of clients and servers (much like email protocols do) – Matrix functions like a cross between Discord’s ease-of-use and IRC client’s multi-server networking – but with the addition of bridging to and from other services – such as IRC and Discord. We offer a bridged service from our Matrix server to channels on our IRC network, as well as our Discord rooms (which are bridged to IRC through Matrix) – but our Matrix server is also a standalone service with federated access to any other Matrix server. Unlike Discord, Matrix is run on a network of private servers – if you use our server, you deal with us directly, not with a corporate entity. However, you still have access to the federated network – and all of their respective bridges to and from other messaging apps.